Alien Seed

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PLOT SUMMARY: A weird alien star vessel crashes on the moon's surface. When the Alphans investigate, they discover strange alien seed pods. When the seeds are planted and allowed to grow in the base's newly-established hydroponics cavern, their pod finally opens to reveal a fully-grown, fully-intelligent humanoid female. Although this creature appears to be benign, bizarre death begins to strike the Moonbase crew.
By Todd Pence on Monday, March 22, 1999 - 1:28 pm:

The one thing I found hard to believe about this novel is that Koenig would allow the seeds to be planted after the alien being that came in the ship with them had already proved to be extremely dangerous. The Alphans had a tough enough time with that first monster, and now they want to invite further disaster? Sure enough, several more deaths result from this decision.

By BarbF on Wednesday, August 04, 1999 - 1:45 pm:

Well Todd, this is the guy who brought the alien probes inside from the Last Sunset episode, and brought down what he thought was a missile in The Exiles, filled it full of nitrogen and then seemed really surprised when it exploded. DOH! I realize that there are certain actions that need to be taken to advance the storyline, but the writers didn't have to make Koenig so blatantly dumb. Sometimes I'd watch this show and just shake my head. There he goes again, bringing something inside that's gonna blow up...go figure.

By Todd Pence on Wednesday, July 12, 2000 - 5:47 am:

This is surely the weakest of the four novels. Too many shifts in the focus of the central conflict. And the attempt at an uplifting ending seems horribly incongruous, considering all the grim carnage that has led up to it.

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